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Voice Actors

Bob Zenk
Mike Madeoy


Brad Carlton
Bret Barrett


Junior Adventure Games
Spy Fox in "Dry Cereal" (1997)
SPY Fox 2: "Some Assembly Required" (1999)
SPY Fox: "Operation Ozone" (2001)
Junior Arcade Games
SPY Fox in "Cheese Chase" (1998)
SPY Fox in "Hold the Mustard" (1999)

"The name's Fox, SPY Fox."

Spy Fox is suave, sophisticated, ever-cool and on top of things, even when the going gets a little tough. He relies on his wits and various spy gadgets, supplied to him by Quack , found at the Mobile Command Center. He is the main character of the Humongous Entertainment series of SPY Fox games. His series originated in 1997. He has starred in five games and made MANY cameos in other Humongous games.


The following has been obtained from the Humongous Entertainment Wiki

Dry Cereal

The game is an adventure game centered around the fictional island of Acidophilus in Greece. The villain in this game is William the Kid, the CEO of the Nectar of the Goats (N.O.G.) Corporation tries to eliminate cow's milk from the earth by kidnapping cows and his rival, Mr. Udderly, the president and CEO of Amalgamated Moo Juice Incorporated. Kid plans to eliminate the cows, frame them and eventually take over the dairy world.

Some Assembly Required

The game is an adventure game centered around the World's Fair. The villain in this game is Napoleon LeRoach, the leader of the Society of Meaningless Evil, Larceny, Lying and Yelling (S.M.E.L.L.Y.) tries to disrupt the fair by using an evil Dogbot, a 1000/1 scale robot capable of destroying the fairgrounds.

Hold the Mustard

This game is an arcade game centered nowhere in particular. The evil King Konglomerate, maker of fine mustards, is fed up with poor sales of mustard over ketchup. He plans to send his robots to capture all the tomatoes in the world and launch them into a black hole. Its up to SPY Fox to fly in his Mulitple Environment SPY Ship, (M.E.S.S.) and stop King Konglomerate's robots from stealing all the tomatoes in the world.

Cheese Chase

Russian Blue steals the famous Limburger cheese. In 100 levels, SPY fox rides various vehicles like a water bike and a motorcycle and gets around goons by throwing bananas and plungers at them. Along the way, Fox picks up oil cans to run the bike and stray pieces of cheese. On the final level, he gets the cheese back from Russian Blue.

Operation Ozone

The game centers around Spy Fox needing to find ingredients for Plato Pushpin's congeal pill which will disarm Poodles Galore's giant hairspray can which she is using to destroy the ozone layer, so everyone will have no choice but to purchase her latest sunscreen, making her fabulously rich and bringing her to the top of the cosmetics world.


Spy Fox is a red fox. He generally is found wearing a white tuxedo with bow-tie and black pants. He doesn't wear shoes and has a paint brush tipped tail.